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Silvia Aldana
Founder | Applied Mathematician

My name is Silvia Aldana, and I am the the Founder of Math to the Point.  I am an Applied Mathematician (BSC ITAM ; MSC UofA), and educator.  I strongly believe that through the exploration of mathematics we nurture creative skills within ourselves, and through math discoveries we foster enthusiasm and joy for mathematics.

I have been an educator for more than 20 years. Through my career as math educator, both at the University Level and High School,  I have seen the joy of students as they explore mathematical concepts through puzzles, art creations, technology apps, etc.

This enthusiastic approach to mathematics is the reason to launch Math to the Point.  A place to learn mathematics in a non-traditional setting, a place to provide one-to-one math academic support, a place where small groups can gather to deepen their math knowledge of an specific math topic, and to provide a place where our Houston community can gather to discuss mathematics at all levels.

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