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Mazes and Networks

Course Description

2hr - 4hr course that  introduces the basic concepts of graph theory.  Participants will translate the design of a maze into a connected graph.  Transition matrices will be defined and their connection with networks and probability.   At the end of the course a participant should be able to generate a graph from a given real life situation, translate it into a matrix and make predictions.


  • Define graphs, and matrices.

  • Distinguish directed and weighted graphs. 

  • Translating a graph into a matrix.

  • Predicting behaviors either with technology or with algebraic analysis.

  • Applying concepts to real life situations.


  • Manipulation of math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and powers.

  • Basic understanding or probability.

  • Graphing Calculator, or Personal Laptop with at least a RAM: 4GB, CPU: Dual core 1GHz, Browser: Safari 13, Microsoft Edge 93, Google Chrome 93 or Mozilla Firefox 70 GPU: A decent iGPU or dedicated GPU

AGE RANGE:  14 and older

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