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Sequences & Art

Course Description

1.5-3 hr course that  introduces the concept of a math sequence in a playful setting.  Participants will create drawings with markers, water colors and/or structures made of cardboard or wood that follow the behavior of a mathematical sequence.  The emphasis will be on the study of right triangles that emerge from the construction of these figures.  if applicable (according to age) participants will explore perimeter and area as the sequence progresses.   At the end of the course the participants should be able to generate their own artistic creations with a sequence of their own. Older participants should be able to understand the algebraic behavior of the perimeters and areas.


  • Define a mathematical sequence, regular polygons vs irregular, midpoint, and right triangles.

  • Calculate areas and perimeters of right triangles.

  • Observe and reflect on patterns created and predict behavior.

  • Create an original drawing or sculpture using the concept of sequence.


  • For younger audiences, no previous experience is needed.  For 16 yr and older, measure skills, basic math operations knowledge and basic knowledge of perimeter and area is required.

AGE RANGE: 6 yr and older.

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