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What We Do

We offer 2-8 hr enrichment math courses.  Each course provides, through hands on explorations, a deeper understanding of a math topic. 

Community Outreach

We are all about sharing our love for mathematics.  We organize free Math Events (Holliday Math, Valentine's Math, Pi Day, etc.) We visit on a month to month basis, some of our neighboring Non-Profit organizations and share our activities for free.  Some examples: Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, Spring Branch Memorial Library, etc.

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We want to spread the joy for mathematics and are eaguer to share our discoveries and activities.  In addition to our work shown on Instagram we publish here math activities that are fun for all.


How many times have you heard or said "I am not good at math"?  We know you can do Math and we are here to help you, by providing one to one guidance from professional and experienced math educators.

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